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OMAF Publications

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF) have numerous Factsheets and publications on a variety of different subjects.  Listed below are their information items relating specifically to land drainage, erosion control and other aspects of water management. Factsheets are available at no cost, and most publications can be purchased at a cost of $5.00 to $20.00.  For a complete listing of OMAF information and cost of publications, refer to the OMAF at

553 87-062 Maintenance of the Drainage System
554 82-082 Surface Drainage
555 85-118 Drainage Benefits
555 90-156 Management of Drained Fields
573 90-233 Tile Drainage Outlets
700 Pub. 29 Drainage Guide for Ontario ($10.00)
700 Pub. 73 Handbook of Drainage Principles ($5.00)
752 84-017 Drain Problems
555 86-064 Mutual Agreement Drains
557 74-058 Common Law Aspects of Water
557 86-014 Drainage Act Appeals
557 92-035 Understanding Drainage Assessment
573 90-052 Low Level Crossings
751 85-067 Consideration for Stable Open Ditch Construction
751 92-143 Low Flow, Mid-Level Stream and Ditch Crossings with Culverts
752 89-166 Drainage Legislation
752 88-051 Duties of the Landowner under the Drainage Act
752 Pub. 55 Municipal Drains and the Land Oowner
752 98-015 Top 10 Common Law Drainage Problems between Rural Neighbours
572 87-040 Soil Erosion - Causes and Effects
573 86-092 Control of Soil Erosion
573 88-059 Gully Erosion Control
573 89-171 Strip Cropping for Water Erosion Control
751 85-058 Determination of Watershed Characteristics and their Effect on Peak Flow
751 85-057 Drop Inlet Spillways
751 90-256 Fencing of Watercourses to Control Erosion
751 90-228 Gabion Basket Drop Structures along Waterways
751 94-039 Grassed Waterways
751 90-229 Management of an Erosion Control System
751 90-231 Seeding of Erosion Control Projects
751 90-226 Use of Earthen Berms for Erosion Control
751 90-227 Use of Rock in Erosion Control Projects
751 89-167 Water and Sediment Control Basins

Origin Classification and Uses of Ontario Soils
To order any of these publications or to get a complete listing of OMAF information and cost of publications, refer to the following OMAF website:

If you are interested in downloading or printing any Acts or Regulations passed by the Provincial government, including the Agricultural Tile Drainage Installation Act, the Tile Drainage Act, or the Drainage Act, refer to the following website:


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