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LICO Factsheets
LICO Factsheet No. 1. How a Drain Works. Describes how soil particles and water interact. Water moves by gravity from the soil surface to a tile drain. A curved water table is created which describes why the spacing of lateral tile drains is important. (2 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No. 2. Subirrigation. Describes the practice of subirrigation and some benefits to be derived. This practice is site specific and a LICO Contractor should advise you on the practice and if it can be successfully adapted to your property.(2 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No. 3. Drain Tile Water Quality. This Factsheet is a review of published data on drain tile water quality. It was produced in response to criticism of some agricultural practices but describes the processes involved when nitrogen is found in the drainage water.(2 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No. 4 Road Drainage. The audience for this Factsheet is township councillors and road superintendents. The Factsheet describes the many cost saving benefits from the drainage of road bases. A number of options are available in the design of an economical drainage system for the road base and ditches.(2 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No. 5 Farm Lanes. The audience is farmers who wish to improve their farm lane by reconstruction of its surface and the addition of tile drains. The need for this Factsheet was associated with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario desire to have a uniform design for farm lanes. (4 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No. 6. Highway Drainage. This Factsheet discusses the methods for the drainage of highways and county roads. It is a companion to Factsheet 4, Road Drainage. The audience is LICO Contractors and road authorities. (4 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No. 7. Water Table Management Increases Yield and Saves Fertilizer. This Factsheet contains the results of a research project sponsored by LICO and carried out by McGill University on the beneficial effects of subirrigation and water table control on nitrogen discharge from tile drains. (4 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No.8. Pull-Behind Farm Drainage Plows
This Factsheet is a reprint from Drainage Contractors Magazine.  It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this equipment when installing tile drains on farms. (2 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No.9. 20 Year Record of Drainage Benefit
This Factsheet presents the results of a research project which recorded the benefit of growing nine common crops on tiled and untiled land. (4 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No.10. Recommendations for the Drainage of Sports Fields.  This Factsheet presents general concepts on the special needs for the drainage of golf courses and sports fields.  A number of specific recommendations are included for this specialized work. (5 pages) Full Text
LICO Factsheet No.11. Ontario's Tile Drainage at 2000. This Factsheet was prepared by LICO for presentation to the Drainage Review Committee and gives an overall state of the industry, and its needs and concerns in 2000. (4 pages) Full Text
  LICO Factsheet No. 12. Doís and Donít's for a Lasting Environment.  This Factsheet lists recommendations to safely maintain your tile drainage system and to ensure an adequate environment. They follow the OMAF clean water recommendations.  Full Text

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