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Lico Equipment Directory


Contractor Area of Work Equipment
A&E Farm Drainage Inc.
R.R. #2, 7853 Wellington Rd. 45 
Wallenstein, ON, N0B 2S0 
Drainage - tile
Erosion Control    
Ditch Cleaning      
Tait Plow
Cat 416C (2000)
Linkbelt 2700 (1995)
Kenworth Tractor (1984)
50 Ton Float (1989)
AWF Contractors Inc.   
R.R. #4
Elmira, ON
Drainage - tile
Erosion Control 
2 Speicher wheel trenchers
John Deere Backhoe
Fiat Allis Bulldozer
Auger Backfiller
Bruce Cook Drainage Ltd.
R. R. #1
Stratford, ON, N5A 6S2
Drainage - tile  320 Wolfe Plow
7060 Speicher Trencher
650 Dozer
214 JCB Backhoe
20 Ton Float
TN70 Tractor and tile spreader
C. Robert Robinson Contracting
R.R. #4
Parkhill, ON
Drainage  - tile
Municipal Drains - open tile
Closed tile
Fiat-Allis 21C & Link Plow
Wolfe wheel 8ft depth 
Buckeye Super D
Cat D5 Bulldozer
Cat 320 Excavator
John Deere 310 D T.L.B.
Case Super K T.L.B.
Clarke Drainage Cont. Ltd. 
RR # 1 
Blenheim, On, N0P 1A0  
Farm Drainage 
Municipal Drains open-tile  
Erosion Control
Land clearing  
400 Wolfe Plow
FD30 Fiat Allis with 250 Link
7000 Wolfe Wheel
Buckeye Super 7
892 John Deere Excavator
Komatzu 200 Excavator
HD21 Allis Dozer
2 of 416 Cat Tractor Backhoe
310SE John Deere Tractor Backhoe
Cat 26 yard pull scraper
Howard Cook Drainage
R.R. #2 
Stratford, ON, N5A 6S3
Municipal Drains 
Erosion Control 
Septic Systems 
Bron Drainage Plow
Speicher Trencher
2 310D John Deere. Tractor Backhoes
John Deere 650G  Bulldozer
John Deere 350 C Bulldozer
Mervyn Downey
M. Downey Excavating Ltd.  
Box 215
Pakenham, ON, K0A 2X0
Drainage - tile 
Municipal Drains - open- tile
Land Clearing 
Wolfe Plow 320 (1997)
Speicher Wheel Ditcher
Cat Excavator 320LC (2003)with Brush Head
Cat Mini-Hoe 305C (2010)
John Deere Bulldozer 700J (2007)
Cat Dozer D3C (1992)
Case Backhoe 580SM (2001)
Case Backhoe 580SM (2010)
John Deere Tractor 6430 (2009)
John Deere Tractor 5420 (2004)
Bob Cat 7736 (2000)
Cam Superline Trailer (2006)
International Truck 40S (2002)
Talbert 60 Ton Float (2010)
Mack Float Tractor XN613 (2006)
GPS Topomapping System
Honda ATV TRX 500 surveying & mapping (2013)
East-Ont Land Improvement Ltd 
Box 40
Berwick, ON
Drainage - tile  
Grain hauling 
Bron 350
Cat 416 C
H.D. 11 Dozer
International Tractor
International Float
International Grain Dump
Farr Drainage Ltd. 
395 Niagara Street 
St. Catharines, ON,
L2M 4V9
Drainage - vineyard 
- orchard 
- open
Land Leveling - vineyard
- greenhouse 

Orchard, vineyard & bush clearing
Ponds, lagoons & water courses  
General excavating & site preparation
Bron 150/HNK75 Narrow Gauge Plow  
D6H/LINK75 Plow 
Bron 450 Plow
Buckeye Super D
2 Cat 416 Backhoes

312 Cat Excavator
325 Cat Excavator
D8R Track Loader
2 D8Ns Track Loader
D8K Track Loader
D6H Track Loader
D6D Track Loader
D4 Track Loader
855 Track Loader
Cat 75 Challanger c/w 17 yard Scraper
D6M wide track Dozer
50 Ton Tri axel Float
50 Ton Tri axel Tractor
Greg Graham 
Box 3065
Elmvale, ON, L0L 1P0 
Drainage - tile
Sewer and water 
Land Clearing
Road Building 
Bron 450 Drainage Plow (2002)
John Deere 310SG Backhoe (2000)
John Deere 200 Excavator (2000)
John Deere 330 Excavator(2002)
John Deere 450 Excavator (2002)
John Deere 850 Wide Track dozer (1999)
John Deere 450 Wide Track dozer (2000)
Caterpillar Challenger 650E w/ dump wagon
Leslie Goddard 
R.R. #2 
Arnprior, ON, K7S 3G8
Drainage - tile
- surface
6060 Speicher Wheel Trencher (1974)
Terax Dozer /c Krac plow (1974)
580D Case Backhoe (1983)
580e Case Backhoe (1987)
Allen G. Hayter
A.G. Hayter Contracting Ltd.
Parkhill, ON, N0M 2K0
Drainage - tile
Municipal Drains - open 
- tile
Erosion Control 
Land Clearing  
2 Buckeye Super 7 Wheel Trencher
Cat 325 BL Excavator (2000)
Scheltema 65 ton 4-axle detachable
gooseneck (1998)
Mack Tractor (1989)
Bron 250 Drainage Plow (1998)
Bron 450 Power Unit(1998)
John Deere 792 Excavator
John Deere 410 Backhoe (1990, 1996)
Caterpillar D6 Dozer (1979)
Dyna-Drive Land Leveler (1996)
7 Shank Turbo Mulcher
Unverferth- Rawson Zone Builder
Jetco 755 Wheel Trencher
Brian A. Inglis
Box 251
Earlton, ON, P0J 1E0 
Drainage - tile
Muncipal Drains  - tile
- open 
Erosion Control 
Wolfe 320 Plow
Buckeye 318 Wheel
Barth K170 Chair
John Deere Hoe
Al Jardine
R.R. #1, 5311 Rokeby line
Petrolia, ON, N0N 1R0
Drainage - tile 
Municipal Drains - tile
Erosion Control 
G.P.S. Mapping & Topography
Wolfe 400 Plow (1996)
Speicher 600 wheel trencher (1958)
Case Super L Backhoe (1998)
Case Super K Backhoe (1994)
3 Laser systems
Geostar system
Latec GPS mapping system
KMM Farm Drainage
R.R. #1 
Walton, ON, N0K 1Z0
Erosion Control 
Septic Systems 
Tait 400 Self Propelled Plow (1984)
John Deere 410E Backhoe (1999)
John Deere 410 Backhoe (2004)
John Deere 6320 Tractor with Quicke Loader
Bron 450 Self Propelled Tractor With RC 750 Cantilever Link Design Plow and 425 H.P. Cat c-12 (2005)
Kuepfer Farm Drainage 
R.R. #1
Newton, ON, N0K 1R0
Drainage - tile
Municipal Drains - tile
Erosion Control  
HD-21-C Allis Plow Link (1979)
7160 Speicher wheel (1982)
310SE John Deere (1997)
2150 John Deere
3 laser systems
G.P.S. for mapping
Lapointe Drainage Ltd.  
1241 Notre Dame
Embrun, ON, K0A 1W0   
Drainage - tile
Municipal Drains - open-tile
Erosion Control
Land Clearing 
French Drains
2 D-8 Dozers with drainage plow
D-& Caterpillar
4 Backhoes
Dozer 550 Case
320 Cat Excavator
322 Cat Excavator
325 Cat Excavator
330 Cat Excavator
Roto Clear with a 350 H.P. motor
2 Bruch cutters attached to excavators
Bert Maitland 
R.R. #2
Jasper, ON, K0G 1G0
Drainage - tile
Open Ditches
Land Clearing 
Fence Row Removal  
Wolfe 320S
Lasers 1145
Lasers 945
Cat 416 Backhoe
Hihoe Hitachi/Rake and Thumb
Marquarot Farm Drainage Inc.
P.O. Box 398 
Palmerston, ON 
Drainage - tile
Municipal Drains     
Erosion Control
Wolfe 320 Drainage Plow
Link 250 with 21B Allis Drainage Plow
2 5805L Backhoes
JCB 214 Backhoe
Buckeye super 7 wheel trencher
6200 John Deere Tractor
6690 Allis plus tractor
20R 200 with TD 25 Drainage Plow
10B Fiat Plus Dozer
Neils Farm Drainage Ltd. 
24735 Downie Line 
West Lorne, ON, N0L 2P0
Drainage - tile
Backhoe service
Septic System Installation 
Case Backhoe
Barth Holland Chain Machine
Case Dozer
Quintan Products Inc.
P.O. Box 690 
Winchester, ON, K0C 2K0 
Drainage - tile
Municipal Drains - open
Erosion Control 
Land Clearing 
Site preparation
Manufacture Drainage Outlets
Steel Retail and Fabrication
Culvert and Drainage Products Retail 
Bulldozer, Cat D8N 14 Blade and Drainage Plow, GPS equipped
Bulldozer, Fiat Allis 21-C
Bulldozer, Fiat Allis FD7
2 x 420F Backhoes, Cat
420 E Backhoe, Cat
Excavator, Cat324EL, ditching and rock bucket, root rake
Excavator, Cat320EL, ditching and rock bucket, root rake, tree sheer
Excavator, Hitachi 270LC-3, ditching and rock bucket, root rake
Excavator, Cat 320DL ditching and rock bucket, root rake, tree sheer, forestry mulcher
2 x Dump Trucks
Bomag Roller Compactor
Tractor, Ford New Holland
International 9400 Paystar with 65 ton float
Steel Culvert Pipe Extruder
200 ton Brake Press
10 ft shear
3 x forklifts
CNC Cutting Table
Mowing Equipment
Richmond Ditching Co. Ltd.
1775 Hwy. 41
Selby, ON, K0K 2Z0
Drainage - tile
Municipal Drains - open
- closed 
Erosion Control 
Land Clearing 
Earthmoving Roads 
Water and Sewer 
Building Site Preparation 
Manure Pits
(any equipment related project)
Fence Bottom Removal
Septic Systems
Plastic Tile & Culvert Sales
Bron 750 Drainage Plow on a 550 Power Unit, c/w Laser and GPS Machine Control
Deere 270DLC Excavator c/w Skelton Bucket, Root Rake, Ripper, Hydraulic Thumb, Ditching & Excavating Buckets, ProMac Brush Cutter, Laser Equipped.
Deere 120C Excavator c/w Thumb, Excavating and Wrist Twist Ditching bucket, Laser Equipped.
Deere 410G Backhoe Loader, Forks
Deere 850J Low Ground Pressure Dozer, Laser Equipped
Deere 650J Low Ground Pressure Dozer, Automatic Laser Equipped, Ripper
Deere 7410 Tractor Loader, with on board tile stringer
Deere 4310 Landscape Tractor Loader, Rock Rake, Brillion Seeder, Box Scraper
Deere 850D Gator Utility Vehicle, GPS Surveying/Mapping
International Tri Axle and Tandem Dump Trucks
Degelman 1400LC Rock Rake
Harley Rock Picker
Paron 60 Ton Quad Axle Drop Gooseneck Float
LoadStar Paron 40 Ton Quad Axle Tag Float
Rodney Ricker
Ricker Drainage
R.R. #1 
Dunnville, ON, N1A 2W1
Drainage - tile
Municipal Drains - tile 
Erosion Control  
Fait Allis 21-B Plow
Case 680H Backhoe
Buckeye wheel trencher
JD 450 loader
Roth Drainage
R.R. #1 
Gads Hill, ON, N0K 1J0
Drainage - tile 
- surface   
Municipal Drains - open ditch- tile
Erosion Control 
Land Clearing  
Land Leveling 
Barth TL Excalibur Trenchless Plow (1982)
KRAC KC750 plow (1983) (on below)
D8H Caterpillar (1983)
Buckeye Super 7 Wheel Trencher (1967)
Case 850C Dozer (1982)
John Deere JD310D Backhoe (1993)
John Deere JD410C Backhoe (1987)
Caterpillar 416C Backhoe (1997)
Caterpillar 315L Excavator (1997)
Jim Tait
R.R. #2 
Grand Valley, ON, L0N 1G0
Drainage - tile 
Municipal Drains - tile 
Land Clearing 
Vineyard Drainage  
Land Leveling
Tait 400-7 OSCB Plow (2001)
John Deere 650H/ Bron add on plow (1999)
Tait 357 Plow (1995)
 Komatsu D65P / 3 JCB214 backhoes (1985)
 J.C. 50 Ton Float
4 1145 Laser Plane Lasers
Geologic Inovator G.P.S.
Gradiometer G.P.S.
875 versatile w/ pull type hydraulic scraper
Barry Weigel Drainage Ltd.
R.R. #3 
Mildmay, ON, N0G 2JO
Drainage - tile 
Municipal Drains
Horizontal Earth Boring  Excavating    
Inter Drain 2042TL plow
Zora DP 100 Plow
Barber Green TF30 Wheel Trencher
Komatsu 200LC6 Excavator
Komatsu D65-E Dozer
Komatsu D31-E Dozer
2 Case 580 super L Backhoes
Horizontal Earth Boring machine
Glengarry Land Clearing 
20085 Cedargrove
Williamstown, ON, K0C 2J0  
Bron 55 with Double link plow with GPS
Caterpillar D8T with RC 750 plow with GPS
Caterpillar D8RII wiht RC 750 plow with GPS
Caterpillar D8T with ublade/ripper / with GPS
Caterpillar D7R root rake/winch
Caterpillar D6R II UPDAT/winch
Caterpillar D6R II blade/winch
Deere 350 G Excavator with stump splitter
Deere 350 G Excavator with rake
Timbco 455 Feller buncher
Cat 921 Feller buncher
CAT 535B skidder
Komatsu stroke delimber
Prentic log slasher
420E caterpillar backhoe
Deere 750 Excavator
CAT 308 Excavator
Case IH 440 STX Quadtrack
2-high floatation offroad dump trailers
mack titan float tractor
International 9900; float tracktor
Paron 60 tan float with tandem jeep
2010 45' manac end dump trailer
2009 42' trout river live bottom trailer
Degelman 16' land grader
FAE 8' stump grinder
2.3m meri crusher


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