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Drainage Pays!

Contractors know that drainage pays.  Most farmers know that drainage pays.  Farmers usually realize they are paying for good drainage whether they have tile or not.  They either pay to have the drainage improved or they pay the penalty of gambling with the weather. 

In cooperation with OMAF, and specifically the Crop Insurance program, we have gained access to the global numbers regarding the average crop yields for a number of crops in Ontario.  The numbers have been averaged across all counties within the province.

Yield Increase measured in bushels/acre

Everyone realizes that an increase in crop yield is important; however, it is not the main reason a farmer would spend money to improve the land drainage.  It is more important that he be able to get on to the land without undue damage in a timely way.  Wet land crowds his labour into a shorter amount of time.  His choice is to work the land wetter or buy larger machinery to get the job done when the soil permits.

An increase in yield is a definite benefit!  If the total crop need is finite for his operation it means that less land is needed to put into field crops.  With an increase in the order of 30%, the crop itself will pay for the new drains.

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